Liberian Diamond and Trade

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From: Abia <>
Sent: Tuesday, October 9, 2012 2:20 PM
Subject: I need your help

Dear Friend,
Good day, Firstly, I apologize for sending you this sensitive information via e-mail instead of a Certified/Post-mail. It is
understandable that you might be a little bit apprehensive because you do not know me, But I have a lucrative business offer of mutual interest to share with you,hence, this letter to you.

I humbly crave your indulgence to read this e-mail with all seriousness of purpose devoid of any doubt in your mind because this project is based on Trust, Confidentiality and Sincerity of purpose in order to have an acceptable meeting of the minds.

My name is MR, ELUCHI MARK ABIA. I am a LIBERIAN Iwas in the government  of the Former President of Liberia (Charles Taylor)

I need you to assist me in repatriating some funds.I need your foreign partnership to assist me to invest in your country.I have interest in stocks,real estate and any other profitable businesses you may wish to recommend.

I realised this fund from sales we made in cash from Liberia Diamond and Timber trades during the administration of President Charles Taylor.

I  assure you that this project will bring us together for a long lasting relationship.I need your private phone number,full names,address so that i can forward to you more details.

All i intend to do now is to safe guide this fund, by making sure that this fund moves from  where it it now to your account.

Once this money is  transferred to you in your country, i will come over immediately for the investment.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.Please indicate your interest by sending an email.
I await your response as soon as possible.

Best Wishes,
Eluchi Mark Abia

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This one included a news clipping….I think



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Subject: Investments

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This page was sent to you by: abdelkarim11160@ymail.comMessage from sender:
Dear friend, I am Mr,Abdel Karim, manager auditing and accountant department Bank of Africa, I have an opportunity to transfer the sum of lb15.9 million Euro to your bank account and we shall share it 60%for me and 40%for me for more details about the transaction,thanks,Abdel Karim.

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For more serious blogs check out my portfolio at Killer teacup or my writing blog at Ghost of a Writer