I hate spelling errors

and it’s even worse in a business proposition.

 sent from: johnson1978@voila.fr

From: Mr Johnson Johnson. <johnsonjohnson246@gmail.com>
Sent: Sunday, October 21, 2012 2:29 PM
Subject: Honest And Trustworth​y Partner Needed!!!!​!

Dear Friend,

It’s my pleasure to Brief you with this proposal for a financial and business assistance.I know my message will come to you as a surprise.Don’t worry I was totally convinced to write you in reference to the transfer of USD$10.5M to your account for onward investment ( Hotel industries and Estate building management,Factory and Textile Productions And Extruction of Raw Materials To finished Product For Useage) or any profitable Oriented business in your country.

I Need you to stand as my foreigh partner for investment in your country and also next of kin to these fund am about to transfer to you if accepted by you to work with me and receive the fund Amounting to $10.5m.

Please reply immediately if you are interested,so that I can give you more information. Be Rest Assure that these fund transfer to your custody is risk free and profit oriented to both of us.

Your prompt co-operation will be higly welcomed.

Mr Johnson_Johnson.

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