I Found a New sob story

Do you think that they have read my blog and realized that I was sick of seeing the same sob story? This one died in Iraq…at least it’s something different, even if it is still Burkina Faso. I love how they capitalized every word, and their punctuation is atrocious. I’m not even going to talk about their grammar


From: Barki Diya <barki_diya2012@yahoo.co.jp>
Sent: Friday, August 24, 2012 6:42 AM

Dear Friend,

How Are You? I Know That This Mail May Come To You Almost A Surprise As We Never Met Before And Please Before You Proceed Reading This mail,This Is True and not An Joke, Well I Saw Your Contact Email From Yahoo Search when I Was Looking For a Foreign Partner, After Much Consideration I Decided To Write You Since I Cannot Be Able To See You Face To Face For Now, At First I Strongly Believed That Any Information Received From The Chambers Of Commerce Office Is Correct And Must Be Trusted. But Never Mind, I Am From (Burkina Faso West Africa) Mr.Barki Diya By Name, An Auditing Debt Manager In Our Bank Here (Bank Of Africa).

I Have An Opportunity To The Sum Of Two Millions, Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars (US$2.500, 000.00), To Transfer Into Your Nominated Bank Account (The Owner Of The Money) Is An. IRAQ. Who Died A Long With His Entire Family During The Iraq War, Upon Your Reply And Interest To Receive This Fund On My Behalf, I Will Kindly Send You More Details On The Execution Of This Transaction Will Commence, Now I Urge You To Take This Message Seriously And With An Open Mind.So Please Give It A Benefit Of Doubt,And With Good Faith And Trust Join Me And I am Assuring You Now That You Will Never Be Disappointed.Now My Questions Are:Can You Handle This Project With Me? Can I Give You This Trust? Respond Back To Me Or Delete It Off If You Are Not Interested.

If You Accept This Offer To Work With Me, And You Find This Proposal Suitable For You Do Furnish Me With The Following Information.

Your Full Name……………….
Your Country…………….
Your Private Telephone……………
Your Age and Sex………………..
Your Occupation……………

I Will Appreciate It Very Much, If This Proposal Is Acceptable By You, Do Not Make Undue Advantage Of The Trust I Have Bestowed On You, And I Assure You We Can Achieve It Successfully.

Reply me through this email barki_diya2009@sify.com

This Is My Private Phone Number 00226 74 71 07 53.You Can Call Me For More Explanation.

Mr.Barki Diya,
An Auditing Debt Manager Of Bank Of Africa

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