Appealing to me as a good christian won’t work either

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From: Luke Okoye <>
Sent: Saturday, September 8, 2012 1:26 PM
Subject: A cry for Help

Good Day and Peace of the Lord be upon you and your household.
My Name is Luke Okoye, from Nigeria; I was born September 14th 1986 into a
family of 9, 7boys and 2girls. My dad is a retired construction worker, and my
mother a trader. We are Christians (Pentecostal) that love to do the work of God.

I am writing you for assistance so my life will be meaningful by the Grace of
God through Jesus Christ our savior. I need to make something in life so I can
settle down and raise my own family, but I do not want to steal.

I dropped out of school because of the lack for finance (Money). Apart from
schooling, I have talent in Music and I have alot of songs about 45 Songs that
I have written already, but I want to go into transportation business so I can
raise money for my career, but the bank here will not give me a loan because I
do not have collateral. I do not need any money from you, what I need is your
assistance morally and any way you feel its best to assist me to make my life

Sir/Madam, I will forever remain grateful to God and to you if you can assist
me with any used Buss (Vehicle) so I can use for Taxi business. If there is
other alternative you feel is good to help me with in other ventures, I will
be very happy.

Please help change my financial life so it will have a meaning. I promise to
pay you back in anyway, even if you want me to double the cost you use in
purchasing the vehicle (buss), I will and am ready to sign any agreement
papers. Also if you need a copy of my International Passport or any form of
identification, am ready to provide you with it.

Thank you and God Bless.

Luke Okoye.
Mobile: +2347032345734


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