A New One From Yahoo

Somehow I just don’t think so. I killed the link, but it went to http://brtucasa.com/YahooMail/yahoomail . html. Any and all correspondences from Yahoo will have their logo in it, but also , it will come from and be linked to a real yahoo.com address.

Just remember, if you are not sure about something log in directly from the actual homepage, do not click links. Also if you hover your mouse over a link, then the address will either appear by your mouse or at the bottom of your browser, then you can see where they are trying to send you.

sent from: emailalertssl@yahoo.com>

From: Yahoo! Customer Care <emailalertssl@yahoo.com>
Sent: Sunday, September 2, 2012 9:21 AM
Subject: Yahoo! Account Maintenance

Dear Yahoo User,

It has come to our notice that there has been several complains on identity theft, We have upgraded the security on all Yahoo accounts.

You are advised to update your account within 24Hours.


Failure to update now might cause account suspensions.

Yahoo! Customer Care Team
Case number: 1655199YH



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