nice email name there buddy

 How many names are you going to use in this email?

 sent from:

From: Mrfurstinkumar <>
Sent: Friday, October 12, 2012 8:41 AM
Subject: Your Gift of Compensation.

Dear Friend,your gift compensation

Compliment of the season I have successfully concluded the transaction. the money has been transferred to China through the assistant of Mr.Pong Eugene, who is a business man base in China. Currently I am in China with him. However, I did not forget you because you are the source of my success.

In appreciate of your assistance I have mapped out a Compensation and wrote on your favour ATM CARD worth of US$ 800.000.00 I left the ATM CARD with my Secretary Mr.Bow Faso, on my departure to China. To receive your ATM CARD,email Mr.Bow Faso and instruct him where to send the ATM CARD worth of US$ 800.000.000 to you.

Pls contact;Mr.Bow Faso on his email address below as he is the person incharge for your ATM CARD.Email: mr.bowfaso

Post Office Burkina Faso
Name: Mr.Bow Faso

Mr Majikar Furstin kumar

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