Marketing Consultant?

I’m not even sure what type of spam this is besides bad. This one is trying to do. It’s supposedly a marketing consultant, but they don’t give me any sort of link or email address…not very good marketing strategy either as a legitimate or a spam company.

From: Poonam Mourya <>
Sent: Thursday, August 23, 2012 4:46 AM
Subject: Hire SEO expert for your website



I hope you are doing well. I got your email id from your website.

Let me tell you something relevant about myself, I’m Poonam Mourya, an SEO consultant. My job involves managing & running a large selection of quality sites on different topics.

I strongly believe that with my SEO service you can reach higher results in terms of Search Engines, Page Rank, Visibility and Traffic.

I would like to discuss this with you in more detail as this is a very competitive and lucrative market and I need to make sure this is done correctly from the outset.

Meeting your expectations will not be a problem but as it is such a big task we will require some commitment from you which I would like to discuss with you over the telephone or via email.

Our Linking Strategies are:
Open and close Link Wheel, Links from industry related websites, Links in Content, Listing a Business Directory Web Site, Social Bookmarking, Article Submission, Forum and Guest Posting etc..

Remember that when you get quality links to your website, it’s just like getting VOTES…. the more the better!

I look forward to your reply and the potential of working with you to help your business grow online.

Poonam Mourya
Online Marketing Manager
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