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Dear friend, I am Mr,Abdel Karim, manager auditing and accountant department Bank of Africa, I have an opportunity to transfer the sum of lb15.9 million Euro to your bank account and we shall share it 60%for me and 40%for me for more details about the transaction,thanks,Abdel Karim.

It’s a question we’ve all asked ourselves of late: Why not just put all of our investments in cash, 100 percent, just until things calm down? Those who are close to leaving the work force may be prepared enough financially to leave stocks behind for now. But investors with a time horizon beyond a few years may be doing real damage to their long-term finances by fleeing for the comfort of the safe and insured. This section is aimed at helping you find the investments that best match your personal strategy and tolerance for risk.


Beasts of the Southern Wild
Winner of the Camera D’Or
Dev Patel, and Maggie Smith.
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